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A Lot to Learn About the Florida Keys

There is a lot to learn and do in the Florida Keys. If you can’t find what you need here visit http://www.fla-keys.com/ and see all the great things to do.

The Florida Keys Attract Adventure-Minded Spring Breakers

Kiteboarding in the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys offer a whole new crop of adventure sports and outdoor activities for Spring Breakers who want to do more than lie around on the beach.

Online PR News – 26-February-2010 – With a new twist on the old Spring Break theme, the Florida Keys offer Spring Breakers cool new things to do on the water. Visitors can now try kiteboarding and stand up paddling, in addition to traditional water sports activities like diving, fishing, jet ski tours, and snorkeling. Once again the Florida Keys represent a cool, trendy, hot place to be on Spring Break. Not since the 1980’s have the 120-mile chain of island been a top pick for Spring Break destinations, except for a brief dance with trendiness during the run of a reality show set in Key West played out on tv.

Kiteboarding is the hottest new trend to hit the waters of the Florida Keys, exploding onto the scene with as much intensity as an experienced flyer ‘smacking the lip’, to borrow from kiteboarding lingo. Taking advantage of winter winds, kiteboarding is fun, easy, and thrilling every time. Beginners can take lessons, or experienced flyers can join a charter that gets them directly onto the water and flying high.

Stand up paddling, another hot new trend in Keys travel, is a great workout and an exciting way to explore to boot. Better in shallow water and on calm days, this new sport combines the maneuverability of kayaking with the coordination and challenge of surfing. Explore mangrove islands, as you wind your way through the back country of the Florida Keys.

Adding to the roster of exciting new activities in the Keys is the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, a multi use green trail extending from Key Largo to Key West. Using old bridges on the Overseas Highway as focal points, the Heritage Trail will allow cyclists to bike safely the entire extent of the Florida Keys. This season, with the Heritage Trail in its beginning stages of development, visitors can bike (or run, walk, or skate) two major sections of trail: MM 106 to MM82, between Key Largo and Islamorada, and MM 58 to 47, which is Marathon to the entrance of the Seven Mile Bridge. Each year there will be more miles added, until riders can bike from Key Largo to Key West without competing for space with motor vehicles.

For those who love the outdoors, physical activity, and the Florida Keys, these new developments in adventure activities are truly exciting news. For Spring Breakers, it’s a whole new set of reasons to visit the Keys. For more information on visiting the Florida Keys on Spring Break or any other time, visit http://www.keystravel.info You’ll find info on camping, fishing, snorkeling, tours, and pretty much anything else you can think of.